A Eulogy to Tom Palmer

I first met Tom on the Steps of St Pauls. One early morning during the occupations we sat on the steps and we talked of change I don’t think Tom had been to sleep. I have chosen to write a Eulogy and not an obituary for Tom because it is about celebrating his life yet I know […]

Solidarity Not Charity

Did a little more upcycling today for Streets Kitchen. There is something about Solidarity Not Charity that is just core for me.  Over the last while I have been collecting canvas bags that have come in from the donations and this afternoon decided to have a little spraying session.   These bags will now be used to go out on outreach filled […]

Just an Old Piano Stool

I can’t help it, tatting. I am always picking up shit just in case it is useful. This time it’s an old piano stool I picked up from the side of the road. The craft work in the making of this stool is evident, the turn of the wood is beautiful. To see it chucked out […]

Hackney Homeless Hunger Fest BBQ

What a rewarding day. We have a huge homeless population and it is growing. “People that have fallen through the net” they say. I hate to say it but there is no net. Not any more. We are so dysfunctional, too many departments, case workers,  social services, probation,  police and the community care teams that have no common goal, […]

The Bird Feeder

This time of year some of our neighbours need some help. Spring when the birds are having to feed their chicks is the time of year that they have the least in nature to feed on. The plants haven’t produced seeds and nor is it warm enough for the abundance of bugs and flies. Creating […]

Extreme Right Wing Neo Nazi Terror Plot Foiled

That’s what the headline should have been, but alas no it read that a Terror plot against the Euro 16 had been foiled. So for all intent and purpose with todays emphasis in the media being an Islamophobic narrative we could be forgiven if we assumed that this was a Islamic state attack that had been disrupted, who else would attack […]

First Shave of the Year

After getting through 2 razor blades and a bath that looks like some slash horror scene with out the blood and a plug hole that looks like a yeti has just been sucked up I now have shiny hairless legs, well the bottom bit anyway. It’s always such a job the first shave after winter. Do I do […]